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From fishing reports and hunting lessons to great lodges & restaurants, to events around the Pacific Northwest, to new science advances, and the hunt for the Pacific's last living sea monster (the Cadburosaurus willsi) Cam Parry and co-pilot Mark Mattecheck bring listeners outdoor adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest, with updates and advice for fishing, hunting and anything that impacts ! They often bring along colorful guests and a comfortable, relatable down home approach. Hooked On Oregon has something for everyone.


Welcome to Hooked on Oregon

Howdy Howdy Dear Friends and our Sponsors:

  • Englund Marine 91146 Cape Arago Hwy., Charleston (541) 888-6723

  • The Bite's on Bait & Tackle 750 Newmark Ave, CB (541) 888-4015


  • COOS Bay Marine, Inc. 1201 Ocean Blvd, Coos Bay (541-888-2535) "WHERE YOU NEVER GET SOAKED"


  • Orco Gunworks 138 N. Wasson, Coos Bay (541) 888-6422


  • Chucks Seafood 91135 Cape Arago Hwy, Charleston (541) 888-5525


  • North Bend Lanes 1225 Virginia Ave, North Bend (541) 756-0571


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