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This Week — The Cadborosaurus AKA: Caddy

Cam Parry was honored to present this May on the Mythical (or Real?) Cadborosaurus at the Oregon Insititute of Marine Biology. His dear friend (and the University of Oregon’s OIMB Director Craig Young) invited him to speak and it was a delightful evening talking about a possible Oregon and Pacific Coast sea serpent (that has been recorded since the first stone drawings to modern day sightings). He explores “Caddy’s” legend and lore, its mystery and magic, and the possible scientific basis for its existence.

Special thanks to the evening’s Co-Host, our wonderful friends at Englund Marine, and also to the amazing Mel Campbell and her crew for an incredible reception after the lecture. Additional thanks go out to our sponsors, The Bites On (in Empire), Chuck’s Seafood (in Charleston), and Coos Bay Marine. So sit back and enjoy Cam’s lecture, “Cadborosaurus, the Depths of our Imagination.”

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