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Howdy Howdy Dear Friends!

This was a very special week for all of us who love and have been so much a part of “Hooked on Oregon” over the years. Our wonderful Award-winning Producer Kennie Parry was honored by the Oregon legislature for her magnificent life; from her costume design years, to her national rural healthcare work, to Operation Santa, to her fantastic producing for Hooked on Oregon. Of course she was host Cam Parry’s incredible wife and partner, and there isn’t a high enough award for her being his much, much better half for over 37 years.

Kennie never spoke about her achievements in life…these were just things she quietly did. She would talk to you about Cam, her family, and her extended family of friends (all of whom she loved so very much), but not about herself. So this week Senator David Brock Smith and the Oregon Senate did…and in such a beautiful, heartfelt way. Kennie would have been so overwhelmed and asked, “Why me?” But to know Kennie was to love her…and there was a lot of love and happiness in our Senate Chamber this week, as they unanimously passed a bill honoring Kennie’s life…the highest honor our legislature can bestow.

So we wanted to honor Kennie by posting this video today instead of our regular show. Kennie would have loved the genuine happiness and love that was displayed in our Senate chamber on this day, because she spent her life bridging gaps and bringing people together. The bill that honored Kennie came from folks just like us…who have dedicated their lives to representing and helping us. It was “non-denominational” and incredibly sweet, and you couldn’t helped but be moved. Thank you to our tremendous Senator David Brock Smith, our entire Oregon Senate, and our Oregon House for honoring our beautiful Kennie…and thanks to all of you for listening to the show Kennie so lovingly produced for 15 years. And most of all…so many thanks and so much love to Kennie, for brightening every life she touched, every day of her life.

Please thank our sponsors too, who loved Kennie and working with her. They are bringing you this special video from the Senate floor. They’re the wonderful folks from Englund Marine, Coos Bay Marine, The Bites On Bait and Tackle, ORCO Gunworks, and Chuck’s Seafood!

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