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Merry Christmas

Well, Howdy Howdy from Whisky Run Ranch Dear Friends!

Tonight my wonderful crew at Hooked on Oregon would like to give you a Christmas present from our hearts to yours…to thank you for listening and allowing us the honor of coming into your home each week. So cuddle up by the fire with some blankets and your love, your children or grandchildren, and some hot chocolate (and if you’re of a certain age, Santa definitely recommends a small tip of cognac in that chocolate : )

Many years ago when I was small, the power went out at our old home place in the country on Christmas Eve, so my Grandmother cooked the turkey in our old Monarch wood stove. Our valley was flooding from a three day rain storm and it wasn’t certain our family could make it through. My folks said not to be too disappointed if they couldn’t, and I remember putting on a rain coat and hiking down to the gate hoping against hope they could, when my Uncle Howard pulled up in my Aunt’s old blue station wagon with the whole family piled inside. It was the most wonderful site I ever saw! That was our Christmas of candles and carols, and stories by the fire…and the pure joy of loving each other and being together. I will always remember it as my Christmas miracle. For this is the season of miracles…and that’s what this story is about…how God speaks to each of us in different ways...and shows us small glimpses of heaven every day.

Merry Christmas and much love from all of us…to all of you!

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