Show schedule update

Howdy Howdy Dear Friends!

First, thanks so much to all of you for joining us on our Facebook live streams of "Out There!" It's a joy to have you aboard each week! This week we're taking the opportunity to upgrade our portable studio's sound and broadcast equipment so you'll hear clearer guest calls and enjoy the streamed show more.

We are also working on a new permanent broadcast home and will have wonderful things to report in the coming weeks.

From all of us at Out There, we thank you with all our hearts for following our show and hanging in with us!

You are the best fans and folks in the world, and we love you guys-

Cam, Mark, Jeff, Sandy, Mel, Dana, Stacy, & Ruth...and the whole Hooked On/Out there Crew!

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Watch on Facebook live and here on the site today. Starting at 3PM. This will be a LIVE show with video!!

While we are working on getting back on the air please watch the YouTube live right on the website home page right now where at the end we will give an update on the show and currently what to expect