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Well, Howdy Howdy Bigfoot

Well, Howdy Howdy and welcome once again to another original adventure story for "Hooked on Oregon" from Whisky Run Ranch in the spectacular Pacific Northwest. This is a Western for those of you who've pondered the centuries old legend of Bigfoot...and whether you're a believer or not, we hope you'll enjoy this rugged yarn. "Where Legends Stand" is the tale of 3 men who desperately want to find the mythical beast for starkly different reasons. In the end, they each risk everything...including their lives...for an opportunity where none of them may return. *As an intriguing note, Whisky Run Ranch itself is located in the Bigfoot Triangle, and December saw multiple sightings of a "creature" up on Moon Creek Road. Special thanks go out to our wonderful sponsors who allow us creative license and make it possible to take you on grand adventures! Please stop in and say hi and thank them for their tremendous support of Hooked on Oregon! They are: ORCO Gunworks in Empire (the best gun shop and gunsmiths in the Pacific Northwest), Englund Marine of Charleston (not your Dad's Marine supply...they have everything!), Coos Bay Marine, "Where you never get soaked" (with incredible Honda Marine power, and a tremendous new line of kayaks), "The Bite's On" bait and tackle in Empire (where they'll rig you up and draw you a map to put you on top of fish!), and Chuck's Seafood of Charleston (the freshest fish, crab and shellfish in the West, with the best smoked fish, spices, and hot sauce collection you can find anywhere...and that amazing clam chowder!). "Where Legends Stand" copyright by Cam Parry

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